2016 Toy Donations

    2590 toys

Top Participating Stores

Atomic Tattoos Brandon Mall Studio has received 526 toys
Atomic Tattoos Countryside Mall Studio has received 300 toys
Atomic Tattoos Citrus Park Mall Studio has received 290 toys
Atomic Tattoos Orlando Dr. Phillips Studio has received 285 toys
Atomic Tattoos Florida Mall Studio has received 268 toys
Atomic Tattoos Tyrone Square Mall Studio has received 234 toys
Atomic Tattoos UCF Orlando Studio has received 181 toys
Atomic Tattoos North Tampa Studio has received 123 toys
Atomic Tattoos Curry Ford Rd Studio has received 88 toys
Atomic Tattoos Lakeland Studio has received 64 toys
Atomic Tattoos Sarasota Square Mall has received 56 toys
Atomic Tattoos Brandon Studio has received 52 toys
Atomic Tattoos Palm Harbor Studio has received 45 toys
Atomic Tattoos Ybor City Studio has received 37 toys
Atomic Tattoos Largo Studio has received 17 toys
Atomic Tattoos Town & Country Studio has received 14 toys
Atomic Tattoos South Tampa Studio has received 10 toys

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Toys for Tats Details for Businesses

So how does Toys for Tats work for businesses and tattoo studios?

Simple!  Here are the basics!


First, you must participate from November 15th through December 23rd.

You will be listed on the website as a participating store.  So, interested customers may visit your store to take advantage of the campaign offers and donate.  Therefore, you must agree to participate for the entire length of the campaign.


Second, you should decide on some kind of special offer or discount for customers.

We recommend that you consider some kind of additional compelling discount or offer to give away with each donation.  We will advertise that offer on the website and to the customer base throughout the campaign.  You don't have to do this but we recommend it.


Third, you must honor the $20 Toys for Tats Gift Voucher Cards. (Tattoo Studios only)

You have to agree to honor the $20 Toys for Tats Gift Voucher cards.  Which at this time will only be valid from November 15th through January 31st.  Limited to one per donation.  Not valid until issued at a store after a donation.  Not valid until activated on website.  Expires after expiry date.  Expiry date is available on website.  No cash value.  Not redeemable for cash.  No change on redemption.  Not valid in combination with any other gift certificate, gift card, discount, promotion or offer of any kind.  Valid only on services $60 or greater.  Valid only at participating stores.  Participating stores list will only be available on the website.  Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced except as required by law.


Fourth, you must issue a $20 gift voucher card with each donation.

You have to agree to issue a $20 gift voucher card for each donation.  This requires you to have a computer and Internet connection so that you can ISSUE each gift voucher card with our software.  If you don't have both a computer and an Internet connection then you can't participate.


Fifth, you have to collect the donation and coordinate pick up or delivery.

You will collect a new unwrapped toy $5 value or greater donation and give each customer a a $20 Toys for Tats gift voucher card and whatever special offer or discount you are providing.  You will then be responsible for coordinating pick up or delivery of the toys on a regular basis to your local Marine Toys for Tots drop off center.


Now if you still aren't sure whether you should participate then read on.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Participate

5 Reasons Your Tattoo Studio Should Participate

Or Do What is Right and Participate Today!


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